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The X-Men Vol. 1 035

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The X-Men Vol. 1 035Along Came a Spider…
Written by: Roy Thomas
Art by: Werner Roth
Inked by: Dan Adkins
Lettered by: Jerry Feldmann
Originally published: August 1967

Banshee is flying around Europe looking for a group called Factor 3 that I guess has captured Professor X. He finds their mountain hideout, featuring protection from a mechanical spider that tries paralyze him. He gets away and warns the X-Men, who are back in the US and also trying to locate the Professor. The Banshee finally passes out from the spider attack and is taken away by Factor 3. The only message he was able to transmit first was “beware the spider”. You can see where this is going!

Fresh off his fight with the Kingpin, Peter Parker is lost on his motorcycle and driving around Westchester. Just then, a flying egg from Factor 3 shows up, carrying the mechanical spider. It’s there to go after the X-Men, but Peter finds it first (and changes into Spider-Man) and kills the crap out of it. Or did he?

Meanwhile, for some reason Cerebro detects a mutant presence where Spider-Man is. Cerebro was detecting the mechanical spider apparently. Anyway, the X-Men show up and find Spider-Man and naturally assume he is who the Banshee warned them about. They fight, then the X-Men figure out their mistake. Spider-Man’s pissed but they just drive off in their Rolls Royce.

The X-Men race off to Europe to find the Professor and Banshee…


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