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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 048, 049

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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 048The Wings of the Vulture!
Written by: Stan Lee
Art by: Johnny Romita
Lettered by: Sammy Rosen
Originally published: May 1967

The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 049From the Depths of Defeat!
Written by: Stan Lee
Art by: Johnny Romita
Lettered by: Sammy Rosen
Originally published: June 1967

Kraven is still on the loose and it’s snowing. Spider-Man can’t find him and is cold, so he goes home.

We switch scenes to a prison infirmary where a dying prisoner has one last request – to see his cellmate, Blackie. This is like the millionth bad guy I’ve come across named ‘Blackie’. Seriously: there was Blackie Gaxton, a gang-member in ASM #27, a thug in ASM #39, somebody in Thor #141, and now this guy. Assuming I’m not missing any, that’s five different bad dudes named ‘Blackie’ out of only 170 issues that I’ve read. That’s insane. Is it that common a name amongst 1960s crooks? Maybe. Is Stan Lee a racist that hates black people? Probably not. I’m pretty sick of it, though; I’d really like him to start coming up with some other names.

Anyway, it turns out the dying prisoner is — the Vulture! The Vulture wants Blackie Drago to carry on after he’s gone and tells Blackie where his vulture wings are hidden. Blackie then reveals that he had arranged the “accident” that injured the Vulture, in a bid to find out this exact information. He has triumphed and will now be the new Vulture. The original Vulture, Adrian Toomes, dies (well, at least it’s implied that he does). Armed with his new knowledge, Drago breaks out of jail to go get the wings and escapes above the heads of the poor, stupid guards that were following him.

The next day: Peter has a cold, and the new Vulture is toolin around the city. Peter almost decides to call Matt Murdock to get the Daredevil after the Vulture. (Why does Peter know Murdock and Daredevil are connected? Hmm…I guess he does, there was that time when he thought Foggy Nelson was Daredevil. Seems kinda weak, but maybe they talked about it off-panel in that Daredevil #27 I just read.) Instead, he just goes out into the cold to fight a new, unknown bad guy while he’s really sick. They meet up and fight. Spidey is completely out of it and the Vulture kicks his ass, leaving him beaten and unconscious, laying on a rooftop in the snow.

We end on a melodramatic “…to be continued?” (but at least there was no exclamation mark).

The next issue opens on Spider-Man, still laying defeated in the snow. Apparently he’s in really bad shape, because the narration tells us that he’s close to dying and that his life is flashing before his eyes. But then he recovers. He’s still in pretty bad shape, though, so he has to go home carefully. He even uses a ladder instead of swinging on his web.

Meanwhile, Kraven is pissed off that the Vulture’s getting more play in the news than him. He relieves his anger by beating up a tiger. :O

Kraven lets off steam

After that, he goes off to find and fight the Vulture, but only arrives in time to see the Vulture get away. Later the fight for reals. Peter has been at home recuperating, but can’t resist going out to get the two goons. Spider-Man kicks both their asses!

These issues were great!

I'm a driver, I'm a winner. Things are gonna change, I can feel it.


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