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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 046

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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 046The Sinister Shocker!
Story: Stan Lee
Illustrations: John Romita
Lettered by: Sam Rosen
Originally published: March 1967

Spider-Man, still injured, comes across a bad guy that can make shit vibrate – the Shocker! The Shocker has a super bad-ass costume, which even Spider-Man comments on. The issue pretty much starts with a fight between the two of them. Spider-Man cannot withstand the Shockers “vibro-smashes” and loses.

After the fight, Harry offers Peter the second bedroom in his new apartment – for free! Of course, he’s gotta check with Aunt May about it, but whatever. It ends up working great because Aunt May wants to move in with Anna Watson! WIN WIN!!!

At the Bugle, Foswell actually begins to start tailing Peter to confirm that he has a link with Spider-Man.

Some stuff happens:

  • The Shocker’s origin: he was a safe-cracker and built his vibrating gadgets while working in a prison workshop. He used them to break out and continued improving them once he was free.
  • Gwen and MJ both have cool outfits again. The whole gang seems pretty excited and happy about Flash being drafted — weren’t they worried or scared or anything? What the fuck, did they not realize people die in wars?

Peter goes after the Shocker again, somehow not realizing that Foswell (as Patch) is following him until after he’s already changed to Spider-Man. Although Foswell doesn’t actually see him change, he does figure out that Peter is Spider-Man. Peter manages to trick him by having a conversation with himself as Foswell hides around a corner.

After that, Spider-Man goes after the Shocker, who is robbing the Federal Reserve bank. They fight, and this time Spider-Man wins.

Also Peter moves in with Harry but is still unhappy because “when [he] gained another identity…[he] lost the capacity — for happiness!“. Dumb.

Weird panel with random, unexplained cop:

weird cop


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