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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 044, 045

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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 044Where Crawls the Lizard!
Story: Stan Lee
Illustration: John Romita
Lettering: Sam Rosen
Originally published: January 1967

The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 045Spidey Smashes Out!
Story: Stan Lee
Illustration: John Romita
Lettering: Sam Rosen
Originally published: February 1967

Curt Connors turns into the Lizard as he’s waiting for his wife and kid to show up at the train station. It seems the fumes from the potion he helped make for the Rhino has triggered his transformation. At the same time, Peter is sending Aunt May off on a vacation. After the excitement Peter can’t actually find the Lizard, so he goes to talk to Jameson about some photos. Foswell overhears and decides to tail Peter to find out how he gets all the awesome Spider-Man photos. That spells trouble, mister. Fortunately he’s too busy for the time-being…

Pete runs into Flash before he goes in for his draft physical Also, Gwen and Harry. Then Mary-Jane shows up and everyone goes gaga over her. Her dress is pretty awesome, actually – it reminds me of the Riddler from the old 60s Batman show.

The Lizard breaks into a jewelry store and inexplicably assumes that Spider-Man will get accused for it. And, even more inexplicably, he does. Finally, and again incredibly, Peter hears about this accusation and instantly deduces that it was the Lizard. This ridiculousness really brought down my enjoyment of the issue as a whole.

The next night, Spider-Man finds the Lizard with no trouble at all. They fight, and Spider-Man sprains his arm like a loser. The Lizard runs off. Spider-Man then goes to see the Lizard’s wife and for some reason tells her that “far as I know, he’s committed no crime yet” – um, what about breaking into the jewelry store, smashing a hole in a train tunnel, and assaulting Spider-Man? Yeah, no crimes at all.

The issue ends with Peter minding out that Aunt May’s vacation is going well, and turning down MJ’s invitation to see her dance at a school performance. Also, he left his camera at the scene of the fight with the Lizard.

The next issue starts with Spider-Man still injured. He comes across a truck being robbed and stops it. After that he decides he better start looking for the Lizard, who is in the process of breaking into his own laboratory to look for notes / lizard serum. I have a problem with the Lizard’s big plan to turn the Earth’s lizards into an army. It’s the same plan he’s had the last two times he showed up, and it’s never made sense. Just because this serum turned a human into a lizard-man, what the hell means it will turn a lizard into a lizard-man? How does that make sense? Plus, he can already command lizards and reptiles and stuff, so why go after the serum at all? Shit.

Anyway, eventually they find each other and fight and stuff. They end up fighting on a train, and Spider-Man beats him in a pretty cool way (pun intended!). He tricks the Lizard into following him into a refrigerated/freezer car. Since lizards are cold-blooded and need warm temperatures to function properly, the Lizard is weakened enough for Spider-Man to actually beat him (one-armed!). Spidey takes the Lizard back to Connors’s lab and reverts the guy to his human self.

Immediately after this, there’s a stupid gimmick panel where the four speech balloons are left blank. It’s dumb and made me angry.

Anyway, after it’s all over we find out MJ took Harry out instead of Peter! More problems: no money to pay for May’s vacation, sprained arm, behind in school. Peter blames all of this, and everything else, on being Spider-Man and questions why he isn’t able to give that part of himself up. The end.

This is a panel where Spider-Man calls the Lizard by the wrong villain name:

wrong bad guy


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