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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 043

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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 043Rhino on the Rampage!
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: John Romita
Letterer: Artie Simek
Colorist: Andy Yanchus
Originally published: December 1966

Another great cover on this issue.

The issue starts off with the Rhino’s tranqs wearing off, allowing him to escape. We then cut back to the Bugle where we learn that Ned & Betty are actually engaged now, with a ring and everything. Cut to Anna Watson’s house, and we see that Peter is infatuated with Mary Jane, and that she talks crazy like Austin Powers.

crazy talk

Back with the Rhino, we learn his origin in a flashback. Basically, he was a thug working for some spies. For some reason they experimented on him and gave him a bunch of injections and shit, and then a “molecular adhesive” skin that gave him the power of a rhinoceros. They wanted to use him as an assassin, because he was dumb and obedient and powerful, but the experiments made him smarter and he smashed his way out.

Back in the present, the Rhino is loose in the city and MJ tags along with Peter as he goes after the Rhino. Peter ducks out under the guise of getting photos and the Rhino and Spider-Man fight. MJ makes no indication of knowing that Peter is Spider-Man, which doesn’t jive with what happened in Untold Tales (and I believe what’s reinforced elsewhere). She says “It’s Spidey! Oh, isn’t he the dreamiest! Petey better get back before he misses all the fun!” – so…yeah, what’s up with that?

In the fight, Spidey ends up dazed and confused and gets saved by a cop, but the Rhino thinks he’s dead and takes off to find Col. Jameson again (his target from the last issue). Poor stupid Rhino doesn’t realize that Jameson is back to normal and no longer valuable. Guessing the Rhino’s plan, Spider-Man goes to check up on Col. Jameson, but first he stops in with Dr. Curt Connors to get help analyzing a piece of the Rhino’s hide that Spidey found. Connors makes an ominous comment, wondering if maybe the Lizard could defeat the Rhino; I’m sure the Lizard will be back presently (this is confirmed with the teaser for the next issue). Spider-Man and Connors end up whipping something up with Spider-Man’s webbing that should help defeat the Rhino, and Spider-Man goes off again towards Jameson again.

Once he gets there the Rhino does, indeed, show up and the two of them start fighting. Spider-Man’s webbing dissolves the Rhino’s skin, and the day is saved.

On the last page we learn — Flash is getting drafted!!! :O There’s a very real possibility of Flash and Harry getting drafted too, but Gwen points out they probably wouldn’t take Peter because of his scholarship. Pretty nutty stuff.

Also, Aunt May is sick again and out of medicine because Peter spent all his money on a motorcycle. He’s such a jerk.


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