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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 042

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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 042The Birth of a Super-Hero!
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: John Romita
Letterer: Sammy Rosen
Originally published: November 1966

This issue starts off strong, with Col. John Jameson socking Spidey on the cover, and then Spider-Man apparently stealing a bag of cash on the splash page. What’s going on?

It turns out the space spores that John Jameson contacted have given him super strength. To keep it somewhat under control and protect his hear and nervous system, the doctors get Stark Industries to build Jameson a special suit (also because everyone with super powers needs a special suit). Jonah Jameson sees his son’s new super powers as a perfect means to catch Spider-Man after his daring, and as yet unexplained, bank robbery.

Before they meet, though, we’re given an update on the Rhino. He’s unconscious from his fight with Spider-Man (still? even after all the crap with the Avengers? I think ASM Annual 3 might be out of order) and being held at a courthouse. Unfortunately for Justice, they haven’t found any way to remove his costume or pierce it to tranquilize him. Can it be a real skin? What will they do when he awakes? Well, it turns out they’ll all get their asses kicked when he awakes, but their backup plan of a tranquilizer gas is able to stop the Rhino before he actually escapes.

When Jameson finally runs into Spider-Man, they fight a whole bunch. Spider-Man doesn’t get a chance to explain the bank robbery to Jameson. Luckily, though, we get a flashback of the actual series of events. Apparently Peter’s spider-sense warned him of a bomb in one of the money bags, so he had to steal it and ditch it in the river.

Spidey makes a trip to the Bugle office to tell JJJ the truth. Later, John Jameson shows up vowing to defeat Spider-Man, and it’s clear he’s off his rocker (as Spidey later puts it). Jameson and Spider-Man end up finding and fighting each other again, and Spider-Man somehow is able to turn Jameson back to normal by electrocuting him.

When that’s all over with, Peter goes to dinner at Anna Watson’s at meets MJ for the first time! Yeah!

Face it, just hit the jackpot!

UPDATE: I’m gonna assume everything is in the right order, and that Spidey just really did a good job of kicking Rhino’s ass.


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