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Marvels 003

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Marvels 003Judgment Day
Writer: Kurt Busiek
Artist / cover artist: Alex Ross
Lettering and interior design: Richard Starkings
Logo design: Joe Kaufman
Originally published: March 1994

This issue starts awhile back from my current place in the chronology, but it ends sorta right after the whole thing with the Looter from Amazing Spider-Man 36. The background for this issue is the first visit of Galactus and all the events surrounding that (in Fantastic Four). The main idea of the issue, though, is the world’s growing frustration with the Marvels and Phil Sheldon’s growing anger at this.

To be honest, this issue wasn’t as captivating for me as the others have been so far. The art was still great and the writing was still good, but for some reason it wasn’t able to keep me as interested as I have been up ’til now. Perhaps it’s still lingering disappointment over that Heroes & Legends shit. :/ Anyway, this was still good, just not up to Marvels standards I don’t think.

Oh and Spider-Man was actually in this one! (Actually, Kraven in a Spider-Man suit was, but then Peter Parker was in it later).


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