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Untold Tales of Spider-Man Annual 1996

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Untold Tales of Spider-Man Annual 1996A Night on the Town!
Writer: Kurt Busiek
Penciler: Mike Allred
Inks: Joe Sinnott
Letters: RIchard Starkings
Colors: Steve Mattson
Originally published: 1996

Yet more Human Torch. This is getting ridiculous.

Anyway, this I guess follows up on Spidey’s new-found interest in Sue Storm. In this issue he gets in yet another fight with the Torch, and then decides to ask the Invisible Girl out on a date. And, big surprise, he ends up pissing off Betty again in the process. Once the Torch tips off Namor, he’s not exactly pleased either.

I guess this was pretty fun. It was definitely a nice break from all the non-stop fisticuffs in some of the other issues I’ve been reading. The bow-tie made of webbing was a nice touch, too.


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