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Untold Tales of Spider-Man 023

Posted by dave, October 6, 2007 at 10:15 am · No Comments ·

Untold Tales of Spider-Man 023In the Shadow of the Crime-Master
Plot: Kurt Busiek
Script: Tom DeFalco
Breakdowns: Pat Olliffe
Finishes: Scott Hanna
Letters: Richard Starkings
Colors: Steve Mattsson
Originally published: August 1997

This was another of the Tom DeFalco-scripted stories. They aren’t bad, but I got really used to Busiek’s style and it’s kind of an adjustment reading Untold Tales by somebody else.

This was a pretty simple and fun story. I got into it, and I liked that the bad guys were zombies – I was sure they were going to be robots. I also liked the shoutout to Art Simek, original letterer for Amazing Spider-Man.


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