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Untold Tales of Spider-Man 019

Posted by dave, October 3, 2007 at 8:39 pm · No Comments ·

Untold Tales of Spider-Man 019Eight Arms to Hold You!
Writers: Kurt Busiek with G.L. Lawrence
Penciler: Pat Olliffe
Inker: Al WIlliamson
Letters: Richard Starkings
Colors: Steve Mattsson
Originally published: March 1997

Not mind-blowing or anything, but a pretty decent Doctor Octopus story. The stuff with Aunt May inviting Doc Ock over for dinner was pretty funny, I just wish he had actually been able to come before getting trounced by Spider-Man.

The Acme Warehouse scene where Spidey got hit in the head and thought he was seeing the burglar that killed Uncle Ben was weird. I mean, it was an interesting idea I guess, but it wasn’t executed well and I, personally, would have cut it.


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