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Untold Tales of Spider-Man 016

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Untold Tales of Spider-Man 016The Boy Next Door
Writer: Kurt Busiek
Pencils: Pat Olliffe
Inks: Dick Giordano
Lettering: Richard Starkings
Colors: Steve Mattsson
Originally published: December 1996

Holy balls, I didn’t realize MJ knew Peter was Spider-Man from the get-go! Weird! I wonder if this matches up with the rest of the continuity.

Anyway, let’s talk about MJ’s father. Do you think he’s:

  1. nice?
  2. funny?
  3. a mean, abusive drunk?

Well, seeing as how this is a Spider-Man comic, the answer is obviously (c), abusive!

Here’s a great hot dog joke. I gotta use this sometime:
Hot Dog

Anyway, this was a pretty cool issue. The fight was in the background, but still pretty interesting; we got a nice introduction to MJ; and, there were some developments with Jason and Betty.


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