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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 014

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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 014The Grotesque Adventure of “The Green Goblin”
Written by: Stan Lee
Illustrated by: Steve Ditko
Lettered by: Art Simek
Originally published: July 1964

This was the first appearance of the Green Goblin and I expected much more. These plots just get more and more ridiculous. The Goblin convinces a Hollywood movie producer and Spider-Man to begin production on a movie about Spidey fighting the Goblin and the Enforcers. After all the contracts are signed, the script is written, and the production sets up in New Mexico, the Goblin and the Enforcers use rehearsal time to actually attack Spider-Man. After getting punched once Spider-Man figures out the whole thing, obviously. What the hell kind of roundabout plan is that?! It was so insanely complex and it only bought them one punch! What a crock of shit!

Of course, the real reason behind all this was so Stan Lee could get Spider-Man in New Mexico where, naturally, he runs into the Hulk. His appearance was completely uninteresting and served no purpose, other than random smashing and fight scenes.

Oh, also, the Goblin is stupid and can’t count:

4 ≠ 3


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