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Strange Tales Vol. 1 115 (Story 1)

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Strange Tales Vol. 1 115The Sandman Strikes!
Written by: Stan Lee
Drawn by: Dick Ayers
Lettered by: Art Simek
Originally published: December 1963

The Sandman is back again after his run-in(s) with Spider-Man, this time fighting the Human Torch. Apparently the cops were stupid enough to put Sandman in a normal cell and he just slipped between the bars. That’s pretty dumb, but it’s really the only weakness here.

The writing is really sharp in this book. The dialogue between Reed and Johnny great. It’s funny, but Reed also has a real sense of impatience coming through that adds a lot more depth to the conversation. I don’t really know what’s been going on with the Fantastic Four at this time, but it definitely seems like there’s some tension. The plot and action here is also much better than the other Stan Lee books I’ve been reading lately: the fights weren’t over-the-top by any means, and Johnny and Sandman were both actually very clever in their tactics, and (accepting the superpowers) all shockingly realistic. There were no mysterious spheres, or pseudo-scientific gizmos – just sand, fire, water and fists.

I also super-loved Dick Ayers art! It blew the socks off me, especially compared to Ditko’s stuff up until now. I’m not saying Ditko’s bad or anything, but Ayers’s style was just totally up my alley. I especially loved the way he drew Mr. Fantastic, who had a very 60s-leading-man kinda thing going on.

Great work all around.


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