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Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Annual 001 (Story 1)

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Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Annual 001Sandman: Year One
Writer: Peter David
Penciler: Ronan Cliquet
Inker: Rob Stull
Colors: John Kalisz
Letters: Cory Petit
Originally published: July 2007

Peter David shows us Sandman’s origin here, from shitty childhood until the events of ASM 4 and slightly beyond. It was well-written, but I didn’t really dig the shitty childhood/absent father angle. It could have gotten cheesy fast (and almost did a couple times), but David was able to keep it interesting. It’s just that I’ve already seen one of these stories already, with Flash Thompson’s shitty childhood and abusive dad in Spectacular -1. I’m not very far into this project, and I’m a little worried that this means there will be a lot of jerk-father stories to deal with.

Anyway, that should detract from this, which was actually good. David was able to give Flint Marko some believable motivation, fill in some background details, and tell an engaging story. I thought the art was all technically great, but it felt lacking in emotion to me. The writing gave a lot of opportunity for heartbreak, anger; powerful emotions all around, but I didn’t really get any of that from the art.


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