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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 004

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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 004Nothing Can Stop…The Sandman!
By: Stan Lee & Steve Ditko
Originally published: September 1963

This one was another winner, definitely better than Doc Ock’s first appearance. I’m really starting to get into Stan Lee’s writing style, and I think he’s getting a better feel for the character. I also like that Spider-Man’s facing some pretty tough villains that are actually making him think a bit.

This book started with a really great scene, where Spider-Man saw some punks casin’ a jewelry store. Instead of waiting for them to actually break in, though, he attacks and captures them. The problem with this, of course, is that they hadn’t yet committed any crime. They threated to charge Spider-Man with assault and battery, and they call over a cop to arrest him. While Spider-Man obviously gets away, it’s a pretty important lesson for him to learn. I’ve been thinking about this exact problem over the last couple issues, and I always wonder if all of Spider-Man’s captures will hold up in court. I also wonder how he’s as unworried about breaking and entering and destruction of property as he seems to be.

There’s also an awesome fantasy sequence where Aunt May sells shoe laces for 10ยข that made me laugh out loud. Bravo, Ditko. The cover is also bitchin.

Anyway, from there a pretty good story with Sandman develops and we get to see Peter fighting in his own high school, among other places. This was an entertaining issue over all.


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