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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 003

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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 003Spider-Man versus The Strangest Foe of All Time…Doctor Octopus
Story by: Stan Lee
Art by: Steve Ditko
Letterer: John Duffy
Originally published: July 1963

Pretty cool first appearance by Doctor Octopus. Spider-Man gets his ass handed to him at first, which is pretty fun; you gotta like seeing the hero get roughed up a bit. After that, Peter begins to question his entire role as Spider-Man and it takes a motivational speech by The Human Torch to get Peter back into the costume and going after Doc Ock again.

This book had lots of action, but also some nice character stuff. I also really liked the bat-symbol-ripoff-projection-thing Spider-Man had going on here, I hope that sticks around. Speaking of those DC guys, I think old John Duffy got a bit confused about what character we was doing the lettering for.

It dragged a bit at points, but this issue was pretty solid overall.


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