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Fantastic Four Vol. 1 Annual 001 (Story 2)

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Fantastic Four Vol. 1 Annual 001The Fabulous Fantastic Four Meet Spider-Man!
Written by: Stan Lee
Drawn by: Jack Kirby
Inking: Steve Ditko
Lettering: Ray Holloway
Originally published: 1963

This is supposedly an expanded version of the backup story in Amazing Spider-Man #1, which I’m about to read after this. Basically Spidey’s in need of some cash so he devises a foolproof plan:

  1. Be a jerk-ass to the Fantastic Four
  2. ???
  3. Profit!

Seriously, though, he wants them to hire him and pay him their “top salary”. He hopes to accomplish this by fighting them and being a huge asshole. Good plan.

This was pretty unbelievable (in a bad way), and obviously just a way to show off the powers of these different characters.


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