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Kingpin 007

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Kingpin 007Thug Part 7
Writer: Bruce Jones
Breakdowns: Sean Phillips
Finishes: Klaus Janson
Colorist: Lee Loughridge
Letterer: Cory Petit
Cover Artist: Tony Harris
Originally published: February 2004

Well, I guess everything (or mostly everything) was tied up alright in this issue, but it still left me a little cold. I was hoping the climax would bring back the cleverness and good writing from the first issue, but unfortunately the series ended up being somewhat mediocre and predictable. I still think it’s worth reading if you have the chance, though, even if only for the art.

(BTW, I’m not sure how or if this series fits in with the Kingpin origin stuff from ASM -1. I think my reading order is fine, I’ll leave it for someone else to reconcile the two.)

(UPDATE: Actually, I take it back, I’m pretty sure my order is wrong.  In Kingpin, Peter’s already working at the Bugle, but in the rest of the stuff I’m reading he’s just got his powers and is still in high school. I should have at least put it after this Amazing Fantasy stuff I think.)


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