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Kingpin 004

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Kingpin 004Thug Part 4
Writer: Bruce Jones
Breakdowns: Sean Phillips
Finishes: Klaus Janson
Colorist: Lee Loughridge
Letterer: Cory Petit
Cover Artist: Tony Harris
Originally published: November 2003

The action’s starting to pick up here, and it still has my interest. A couple things bothered me about this issue, though. First, the inclusion of Candy Chung, the reporter, was weird: she was killed off so fast she didn’t really have time to do anything, and there was an odd discrepancy about whether or not she was a newspaper or TV reporter. The second thing was Burke, the “deaf” stablehand: I’m fine with the (limited) purpose he served, but I thought the whole fake deafness thing really made his character too clich├ęd. I mean, the deafness was never even useful; it wasn’t a good cover, since he also got killed pretty much right away.

Anyway, I can look past these things because I’m still enjoying the story and the art. I’ve been thinking this would make a pretty sweet movie, if you just took out the Spider-Man angle (which so far has been extremely minimal).


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