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Amazing Fantasy Vol. 1 016

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Amazing Fantasy Vol. 1 016An Amazing World
Writer: Kurt Busiek
Painter: Paul Lee
Publication Design & Lettering: Richard Starkings
Originally published: December 1995

This issue (along with Amazing Fantasy 17 and 18) are set between Spider-Man’s original appearance in Amazing Fantasy 15 and Amazing Spider-Man 1. Here we see Peter after he realizes that he must use his powers responsibly, but still struggling to figure our what that means.

Peter is still consumed with guilt, but he realizes he can find some peace of mind in being Spider-Man, swinging around the city to think (or not think). He ends up stumbling upon a ring crooks who are scamming widows and widowers (including Aunt May) and running a hit and cleanup service. Peter confronts them, not really knowing what to do, and ends up fighting the. His powers are still new to him, but he ends up being able to subdue them and call the police.

This was a really fun story and it was great seeing Peter discovering his powers. Even though the crooks weren’t nefarious super-villains bent on world domination, they were far scarier than anything Peter had faced before; his fear, tension, and excitement really came through.

The art in this book is also spectacular. I love when comics are painted, and Paul Lee’s work looks great here. He keeps the look rooted in the AF15 time period, but it’s sufficiently modernized to not really seem out of place.


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