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Untold Tales of Spider-Man -001 (Story 2)

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Untold Tales of Spider-Man -001Hydra and Go-Seek!
Story & Art: Fred Hembeck
Originally published: July 1997

Oh Petey! How are you always getting yourself into such crazy situations?

This time Petey is unknowingly working against Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker, who is trying to restart Hydra! All he needs is one secret package that his lackey is supposed to pick up at the local toy store. (Yes, that’s dumb.) At the same time, Petey is supposed to pick up a package at the toy store for Mrs. Watson, and is going to earn himself a whole dollar for his troubles.

When Flash Thompson hears about this, he of course wants the dollar for himself so he and Liz can get ice cream sodas. A complicated series of events occurs where Petey picks up the Hydra package, the Hydra guy picks up Mrs. Waton’s package, and Flash steals the Hydra package from Petey (using that old favourite diversion, Liz’s yelling over an imaginary spider). In the confusion the Hydra package gets destroyed (thank God!) and Hydra ends up with water gun. Whew.

This Petey cartoon had a little more adventure than some of the others, and it was definitely more interesting because of it. Anybody know who the Hydra flunkie is? He gets his arm cut off in the end, if that helps.


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