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Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) Annual 011 (Story 4)

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Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) Annual 011With Babysitting Comes Great Responsibility!!
Story & Art: Fred Hembeck
Originally published: 1991

In this Petey adventure, Petey learns a life lesson (one that he’ll learn again a little later in life). The title, obviously, plays on Spider-Man’s motto “with great power comes great responsibility”. When Petey is charged with looking after little baby Robbie Baldwin (the future Speedball/Penance) he has to choose whether to put Robbie’s interests ahead of his own. Of course, the story wouldn’t be too interesting if Petey did a good job babysitting; Petey decides winning a free banana split is the most responsible thing to do (“prices being what they are these days”). Unfortunately, Petey also tries to cover up his mistakes (which include causing traffic accidents and endangering Robbie’s life) and gets in some pretty bad shit when he’s found out. Oh, if only Petey had taken this lesson to heart, maybe Uncle Ben would have lived!

This story was alright. Certainly it wasn’t as great or funny as some of the best Petey adventures, but it wasn’t as crappy as some of the worst.


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