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Marvel Tales 251 (Story 2)

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Marvel Tales 251Testy Testimonial
Story & Art: Fred Hembeck
Colors: Bob Sharen
Originally published: July 1991

Petey and the gang are back in another not-bad tale.


Petey has been assigned the task of presenting Russian exchange student Olga with a parting gift before she leaves to go…somewhere (but not back home, her and her father are apparently defectors). Flash, up to his old tricks, switches the gift for a dead rat. This of course, requires a diversion, and once again Liz screams and claims she saw a spider. The plan goes bad, though, when Flash collides with Peter and has to present the dead rat in his place.


You know, I liked this one too, and the writing is good again, but I’m getting tired of the same jokes getting reused. In my last review I said I thought it would be funny if Liz’s screaming happened again; I was wrong, it’s really wearing thin.

Hembeck also reused his Ditko/Oktid joke from Chemical Comical Reaction: Petey’s teacher here is named Miss Oktids. She was also at the university in Comical Reaction, so apparently we had Miss Oktids hanging out with Professor Oktid. What are the chances?

I don’t want to only focus on the negative though, so here’s part of a great exchange between Flash and Liz:

Flash: Besides, if you help me, I’ll buy you an ICE CREAM SODA?

Liz: You’re just LUCKY you’ve caught me at a time in my life when my sweet tooth SUPERSEDES my moral code.

Now that’s comedy!


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