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Marvel Tales 248 (Story 2)

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Marvel Tales 248Chemical Comical Reaction
Story & Art: Fred Hembeck
Colors: Bob Sharen
Originally published: April 1991

Petey returns, this time with a field trip to State University! Woo! This one was decent again, so maybe Slay Ride!! and that first story were flukes. The writing here was really solid – I thought the story was good, and I liked all the Marvel references that got thrown in, such as Professors Oktid and Whybrik, and having Reed Richards and Victor Von Doom as science students. Doom’s monologue was especially funny.

The only somewhat weird thing was a complete rehash of Flash’s distraction from Spill the Beans!! – telling Liz to yell and say she saw a spider. Pretty cute the first time, much less so this time. I guess I’ll be happy if they use it a third time and it becomes a common motif, but if it’s just this twice, I’m annoyed.


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