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Marvel Tales 235 (Story 2)

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Marvel Tales 235Slay Ride!!
Story & Art: Fred Hembeck
Colors: Paul Becton
Originally published: March 1990

I got the issues I was missing, which means it’s time for another Petey story!


This time Petey is heading out for a sleigh ride* down Thrill Hill when he runs into none other than J. Jonah Jameson. JJJ has a broken leg and is late for a meeting, so Petey offers to help him get there on time with his sleigh. Unfortunately, they are ambushed by Flash, Gordon, Alex and Raymond (who are armed to the teeth with snowballs) and JJJ ends up going down Thrill Hill at top speed.


After Claus Encounter!! I had high hopes for Petey, but this story was a major disappointment. It was uninspired and unfunny. I guess it’s interesting in that it shows Peter Parker’s first encounter with JJJ.


* What’s with the spelling of “slay” in the title? Is it because this comic is so funny it will slay me? If so, that’s possibly the worst pun ever.


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