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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 211

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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 211The Spider and the Sea-Scourge!
Writer: Denny O’Neil
Pencils: John Romita, Jr.
Inker: Jim Mooney
Letters: Jim Novak
Colors: Bob Sharen
Cover art: John Romita, Jr.
Originally published: December 1980

You know what’s weird? I might be crazy, but I don’t see any credits for this issue. I looked them up online.

Namor, the Sub-Mariner, has been busting up equipment in the ocean. Good for him.

Spidey finally checks out the docks and Deb Whitman’s uncle, which she asked Pete to do long ago. Uncle Whitman has a contract with the government to setup equipment in the ocean, but his crew is scared because of Namor’s activities. Spider-Man, being his usual helpful self, beats up the crew and chases them off. Then he leaves when Uncle Whitman asks him for help.

The next day Deb shows up at school whining about the whole thing, and Pete decides he better stop being a bitch and go help out. He becomes a crew member onboard the ship, along with some other crew members who apparently came back or something.

So we get Spider-Man vs. Namor in a battle on the high seas. Spider-Man actually kicks the crap out of Namor, which is pretty cool and unexpected. Eventually they finally sit down and have a chat and work things out amicably, with Namor helping the surface dwellers find a better spot for their gizmos.

This reads a little like an issue of Team-Up, though not as crappy.



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Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 1 051 (Story 1)

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Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 1 051Aliens and Illusions!
Writer: Roger Stern
Artists: Marie Severin, Jim Mooney
Letterer: Jim Novak
Colorist: C. Scheele
Originally published: February 1981

The cover of this issue features Spider-Man, Mysterio and Deb Whitman apparently floating in outer space. Spider-Man is punching the fishbowl off Mysterio’s head. Spidey’s legs are wrapped around Mysterio’s body. Deb has a very odd zero-gravity boob thing going on, and a major camel toe. One of Mysterio’s boots has a high heel. The whole thing is very, very weird and very, very bad. I read online that it’s a Frank Miller cover, but for some reason I find this hard to believe.

So we start where we left off, with Peter onboard a space ship with Mysterio and some supposed aliens. Mysterio wants the Dutch Mallone money, and the aliens are helping him in exchange for Mysterio’s help in taking over the world. Of course, it turns out to just be an elaborate ploy by Mysterio. The aliens are just dudes in alien masks, whom Pete / Spider-Man take care of quite easily.

This issue retcons the aliens’ earlier appearance in ASM 2, when they were working for the Tinkerer, so that they were actually movie extras and stuntmen then as well. One of them, apparently, was Quentin Beck, who went on to become Mysterio.

Not a bad issue, really. Mysterio stories can sometimes be formulaic, but for some reason I was a little more engaged this time around.



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Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 1 050 (Story 1)

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Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man 050Dilemma!
Writer: Roger Stern
Artists: John Romita, Jr., Jim Mooney
Letterer: Jim Novak
Colorist: Ben Sean
Originally published: January 1981

50th issue! Aliens on the cover! What could go wrong?!

We open immediately following the events of the last issue, with Spidey and the Smuggler mid-fight. Actually, Spidey pretty much has the Smuggler tied up, but doesn’t know what to do with him. Eventually he ends up getting the guy to the cops, more or less, and the reader is happy to finally be done with that.

Later, Pete takes Deb Whitman to an engagement dinner for his Aunt May. While there, they are attacked by aliens! Similar aliens to the ones that were working with the Tinkerer back in Amazing Spider-Man 2! It seems that the aliens want information from Aunt May about Dutch Mallone, the gangster who had money hidden in the Parker house. But that’s dumb, because why would aliens want money? Well, Peter finds out that the aliens are working for Mysterio! I’m guessing they aren’t even aliens.

There’s a weird recap of Spidey’s origin story in this issue. Did any readers in 1981 really not know this by now? Seems like a waste of space.

I liked the engagement party / alien story line. I could have done without the Smuggler bit bleeding in from last issue.



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Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 1 049 (Story 1)

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Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man 049Enter: The Smuggler
Writer: Roger Stern
Artists: Jim Mooney, Bruce Patterson
Letters: Rick Parker
Colors: Ken Fedu
Originally published: December 1980

The cover promises “the long awaited return of the White Tiger” …my ass. That dude’s the worst. Luckily he’s in the second story in the issue, and Spidey isn’t, so I got to skip him.

The art on the splash page is great. It gets less good for a lot of the smaller panels, but is overall still enjoyable.

We open on Peter Parker trying to grade tests, but distracted by his recent unemployment and the knowledge that Madame Web knows that he is Spider-Man. Phil Chang shows up and they decide to go to find wild, wild women. Seriously.

En route they run into Tommy Li, a member of the White Dragon gang who looks like a woman. These White Dragon guys showed up before, in Amazing Spider-Man 184 and 185. Naturally, Phil and Pete decide to chase the ganglord through the streets. When Li gets away in a van, Pete jumps onto a nearby wall and starts climbing up it! Right next to Phil! Where’s there’s no way Phil couldn’t see! But, of course, since readers are apparently brain-dead, we’re asked to believe that Phil has no idea where Peter went.


That right there just about ruined the issue for me. Put some effort in, dudes.

Anyway, it turns out Tommy Li is involved with some scam with a guy named the Smuggler. Dude is completely two-dimensional. There’s no real drama, no real interest being generated. It’s a weak issue. It ends with Spider-Man and Smuggler mid- (boring-) fight.

Other news: Aunt May is engaged to Nathan Lubensky.



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Spider-Woman Vol. 1 032

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Spider-Woman Vol. 1 032The Fangs of Werewolf by Night
Script by: Michael Fleisher
Pencils by: Steve Leialoha
Inks by: Jim Mooney
Colors by: Gaff
Letters by: Mark Rogan
Originally published: November 1980

The cover for this issue has real photos of movie monsters in the background, and it’s totally distracting. I don’t like when comics mix real photos with the art, it totally takes me out of the experience.

The issue opens with Spider-Woman a quick flashback to last issue, which I appreciate. Some time, possibly immediately, after the last issue and the recap end, Hornet and Dr. Malus meet up at Scotty’s apartment. Malus injects Scotty with a booster of his serum, making the Hornet stronger and crazier. As Scotty calls Spider-Woman to set her up in a trap, we’re treated to a not atypical shot of Jessica Drew naked coming out of the shadow. This comic book just can’t resist, can it?


Ok, so she falls into the trap — which isn’t that much of a trap, since she knows she’s going to fight the Hornet. She just doesn’t know how strong he’s become. Big, uninspiring fight ensues and then when the Hornet has the upper hand… he leaves? That’s just dumb.

So given this setback, or whatever it is, Malus decides that the Hornet needs help in destroying Spider-Woman and phones Jack Russell, Werewolf by Night. The whole exchange is insultingly bad, but basically Malus tricks Russell into coming to see him.


When Malus and Russell meet up, Malus hooks up a gizmo to Russell’s body that basically enslaves Russell and allows Malus to control his transformations into the Werewolf.

Meanwhile Scotty/The Hornet has kidnapped himself and left a note for Spider-Woman telling her to meet him at a movie studio lot. The lot is set up as an old-west town, which I guess is a nice stage for a showdown. Malus and the Werewolf are also there. There’s another fight with all three of them and Malus on the sidelines. The Hornet goes batshit crazy and takes off. Spider-Woman removes the Werewolf’s gizmo and uncrazifies him, and the Werewolf is then able to go beat up Malus. Spider-Woman goes after the Hornet, subdues him, and discovers that he is actually Scotty.

I wanted to like this issue, and it had some potential, but it kept sabotaging itself. The cliched Spider-Woman sexiness just ruins things for me, the bad dialogue and contrived setup to involve Werewolf by Night totally take me out of the story. The issue could have had a very powerful ending, but instead a final couple panels are tagged on in which we learn that Scotty will recover completely by resting for a few days. Ugh. Why ruin it? Scotty being evil and crazy could have been awesome, and he’s such a boring character normally. The book just ended up being a disappointment.



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